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   About Laura Frisk

Laura Frisk has resided in San Antonio since 1978. She has been in the beauty industry since 1984 and has been specializing in permanent make-up for over 20 years. She is a proud, devoted, active and involved mother to her daughter Faith. Laura Frisk is a certified AIPCT (American institute of Permanent Color Technology) Derma-technician, specializing in Microdermal Pigmentation. She has performed over 20,000 permanent cosmetic procedures. If you have had permanent make-up applied elsewhere, and are not satisfied with the color or shape, Laura specializes in all correction procedures involving previous permanent make-up.

Permanent Cosmetics have been used for a wide variety of make-up enhancements such as scar camouflage, areola re-pigmentation due to breast augmentation or mastectomy surgeries. She enhances previous permanent make-up procedures. Plastic surgeons throughout our area and abroad recognize Laura's work and refer their own patients to Salon De Frisk.

"Being a technician for over 20 years has enabled me to perfect many permanent cosmetic techniques. My goal has been to build a positive image for the permanent make-up industry. I achieve this goal by offering the best in customer service, professional workmanship including disposable tools and needles, and an overall commitment to individual needs and requests."

Just as medical advances are made, the permanent cosmetic industry does too. Laura is committed to staying up to date with those developments to make sure that the product she offers is of the highest quality. With your commitment to follow the post-care procedures, you will be a walking representation of the quality and style that Laura provides.

Laura is looking forward to meeting you and developing a lasting professional relationship.

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7115 Blanco Road, Suite 115
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